The right changes can make a huge difference


We provide expert advice on IBS management and the low FODMAP diet.

This individualised approach aims to manage and control symptoms, with many people being able to almost or completely eliminate their often debilitating symptoms.

This is a very personalised and individual approach as this condition affects everyone differently.

We will work closely with you and support you to find relief from IBS.

Our full FODMAP package is £175. This includes an initial appointment, follow up review appointment in our clinic in West Bridgford, Nottingham and telephone review.


It also includes;

All the FODMAP resources you need

Analysis of your food diary prior to your initial appointment to determine if the FODMAP diet is right for you.

All the IBS advice you need around the FODMAP diet.

Email support in-between appointments and up to 6 weeks after your last appointment. 

07915 652922

07915 652922

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