Intuitive eating

Freedom From Dieting
No banned foods, no weighing, no measuring, no food diaries......

Are you tired of the rules of dieting?


Do you struggle with emotional eating?


Do you feel your metabolism has slowed down?


Do you crave foods you can't have?


Do you struggle to feel hungry or full?


Have you regained weight after dieting or struggle to keep the weight off?



Too often we listen to outside influences on what to eat & how much. 

Over time this disrupts our ability to recognise our own inner cues. We struggle to feel full. We eat according to emotions not physical signals.

Learn to recognise those inner cues again & re-establish trust with your body. 

Move away from emotional eating, cravings and disordered eating patterns, often caused by dieting. 

This is a non-diet, healthy, sustainable approach over a series of 4-5 appointments with myself, an expert Dietitian and Nutritionist. 


Current package special offer of £205 for 4 appointments in our clinic West Bridgford, Nottingham or £250 for 5 appointments.

Included is all the resources and support you'll need to achieve freedom from dieting.....for good. 

07915 652922

07915 652922

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