Intuitive Eating is a non-diet, health-focused approach, helping you build a healthy relationship between food, body and mind.

Intuitive Eating supports you to reject the constraints of diet culture and find a new, healthier approach. There are no food restrictions, rules or scales.

You will discover how every food can have a place and how restricting food, only leads to cravings and feeling deprived. 

This is not a weight focused approach. No more battling your body or feeling trapped in unhealthy cycles.

The Intuitive Eating process supports you to get back in touch with your body and shows you how to reconnect with signals such as hunger and fullness, learning to listen to and trust your body again. 


The process will also support you to address emotional eating and to discover why this happens and how we can achieve freedom from this.

Are you tired of dieting?

You may have a history of dieting or feel trapped in unhealthy habits or cycles.

You may be fed up with the pressure of dieting and want to find freedom from the ‘diet trap’.

You may well be looking for a new, sustainable approach that focuses on you being healthier, happier and free from pressures and constraints around food.

Do you have a stressful relationship with food?

You may suffer with emotional eating or binge eating or you may be regularly restricting your food intake.


You may have a poor relationship with your body and you may feel eating is no longer enjoyable. You may find eating stressful or feel at a loss about what to do next.

How I can help...

  • An initial 90 min session at my West Bridgford clinic  

  • Four further 50 min appointments in West Bridgford  

  • I will support you through the process of Intuitive Eating – step by step & with take-home resources

  • I offer support in-between appointments and up to 6 weeks after your last appointment.

The total fee for the appointments detailed above, plus all the resources and support in-between sessions is £395.

Would you like a new, healthier relationship with food and with your body?

With my dedicated support, Intuitive Eating can help you to achieve this goal

Would you like a new, healthier relationship with food and with your body?

With my dedicated support, Intuitive Eating can help you to achieve this goal

What can I hope to achieve?

Intuitive Eating supports you to gain an improved relationship with food and your body.

Rather than food having control over you, you will learn how to take back control and rediscover the pleasure in eating again. 

It is a health focused approach, you will discover how you can significantly improve  your health and wellbeing, regardless of weight. 

Putting weight aside and removing it from the focus, can help you achieve a happier and healthier you. 

But I still want to lose weight......

We will work together to explore your current relationship with your body and your weight.


The process helps you discover your natural, sustainable weight.

This may be different to your 'ideal' weight. If a particular weight is a battle to achieve and a constant struggle to stay at this weight, this is unlikely to be your 'natural' weight. 

The cycle of dieting and repetitive weight loss and gain, puts a big strain on the body and disrupts our natural processes and signals. 

The good news is we can restore these by following the Intuitive Eating process. 

Is it right for me?

Only you can answer that!​

In the first instance I'd recommend getting in touch to find out more and asking any questions you may have. 

Then you can decide if it's the right approach for you.

I offer a free 15 minute telephone call or please send me an email and have a chat. 

But don't just listen to me!
Check out these reviews from some of my past clients;

"Gaby has really helped me get back in touch with my body again. I’m now learning how to listen to it after years of pushing it down and following various diets which were only damaging it."

My Reviews!

- Lauren

''Gaby has helped me enormously to tackle my personal food issues and I now feel in a much better place with my relationship with food. After sessions with her my overeating has stopped and I now feel capable of making choice based on listening to my own body''.
- Sarah

I have worked with a number of clients to support their journey. Each client is individual but the one word I hear used the most is...


If you’d like to experience this feeling for yourself – please get in touch today.

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