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Why I'm now an online Dietitian

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Gaby, the woman behind The Healthful Dietitian. I am a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist based in West Bridgford, Nottingham. This is also where I run my clinic, however, I’ve made the decision to temporarily take all my appointments online or via telephone. This is due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, causing COVID-19 disease. As I am sure you are all aware of the government’s recommendations of social distancing, working from home if you can and now we are in lock down for at least 3 weeks. There is no denying this is an unsettling time. I am so proud of my fellow Dietitians and other healthcare staff working for the NHS during this pandemic! When I previously worked as a Community Dietitian for the NHS, I enjoyed working with a variety of people with a range of health conditions. I set-up my own clinic because I loved seeing the difference I am able to make in people’s lives, I personally find it very rewarding. Working as an online dietitian allows me to continue helping my current clients as well as new clients.

I must admit I am pretty grateful for technology; without it I wouldn’t have been able to move my clinic online. Thankfully there are so many video chat websites to choose from, I chose to use Zoom for my online appointments. I know for some people technology can be scary and overwhelming, but trust me, having Zoom appointments couldn’t be easier, let me walk you through how it works. Once you have booked your health online appointment, I will send details on how to download Zoom. You visit the weblink, create an account using your name and email and then download the Zoom App onto your phone or computer. Just simply login a couple of minutes before the appointment starts and I’ll call you. Simple as that. Alternatively, appointments can be conducted via good old-fashioned telephone.

During this uncertain time, I still want to work with my clients as an online Nutritionist so I can continue to support them through their journey. I offer support with health issues such as IBS, navigating a range of food intolerances, managing the low FODMAP diet, digestive health for coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease and improving your relationship with food via intuitive eating. I offer a range of appointment packages covering intuitive eating, digestive disorders, IBS and more! To celebrate taking my clinic online I am offering 20% off appointments booked before the end of April. I offer you support in-between appointments and I can also send resources via email or post. You can request a free 15 minute chat with me by clicking here. This initial phone call gives you an opportunity to tell me what’s going on and then I can assess not only how I can help you but if I am the right person to work with you or whether you may need to referred to someone else. Stay safe! G x

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